Sorry, not sorry

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For the past five years, Sansa- Alayne- has worked as personal assistant to Petyr Baelish, an MP who’s risen to Leader of the Opposition, and a man who, most everyone thinks, will one day be Prime Minister.

But Jon isn’t meant to know any of that. No one at MI5 is. When Sansa Stark disappeared into Alayne Stone all those years ago, she might as well have died as far as the government was concerned. Non-official cover, it was called, but Jon hadn’t been able to resist finding her, making sure she was okay. Not enough to compromise her mission, but just…just to know.

He understood how badly NOC jobs could go.

Tonight I Will Love You
(And Tomorrow You Won’t Care)


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I already know that Pippa is gone.

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We are better now…

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But Balthamos couldn’t tell; he only knew that half his heart had been extinguished. He couldn’t keep still: he flew up again, scouring the sky as if to seek out Baruch in this cloud or that, calling, crying, calling; and then he’d be overcome with guilt, and fly down to urge Will to hide and keep quiet, and promise to watch over him tirelessly; and then the pressure of his grief would crush him to the ground, and he’d remember every instance of kindness and courage that Baruch had ever shown, and there were thousands, and he’d forgotten none of them; and he’d cry that a nature so gracious could ever be snuffed out, and he’d soar into the skies again, casting about in every direction, reckless and wild and stricken, cursing the air, the clouds, the stars.

― Philip PullmanThe Amber Spyglass

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Cut! That’s a wrap.

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So what if nothing is safe
So what if no one is saved
No matter how sweet
No matter how brave

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I visited hell  when I was eleven years old.
Sometimes I think I never really left…

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Breeze still carries the sound 
maybe i’ll disappear 
tracks will fade in the snow 
you won’t find me here 
Ice is starting to form 
ending what had begun 
i am locked in my head 
with what i’ve done 
I know you tried to rescue me 
didn’t let anyone get in 
left with a trace of all that was 
and all that could have been 
Please, take this 
and run far away, far away from me 
i am tainted 
the two of us were never meant to be 


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it was you, you said we would met again somewhere, someday

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