Two hours, many candles, and a few bottles of wine later, Sansa had to admit, this was better than any DVD marathon. She was actually having a real conversation with Arya.

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Wherever there is you,
I will be there too.


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Did you see the light in my heart?
Did you see the sweat on my brow?
Did you see the fear in my heart?
Did you see me bleeding out?


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"Alpha Beta! Delta Upsilon! Phi Beta Kappa! Delta Theta!"

"Wait- What was that one?" Theta had asked.

"Theta," the college boy said, and his companions all repeated it. They were loud with a contagious drunken happiness.

"Theta," she’d said, liking the feel of it in her tongue. "Theta it is."

She insisted on Knight for her last name. It made her feel strong and bold. A name of armor. For she would defend herself in this new life.

"To Miss Theta Knight," the boys toasted, and theta drank to her new name.

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Sorry, not sorry

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For the past five years, Sansa- Alayne- has worked as personal assistant to Petyr Baelish, an MP who’s risen to Leader of the Opposition, and a man who, most everyone thinks, will one day be Prime Minister.

But Jon isn’t meant to know any of that. No one at MI5 is. When Sansa Stark disappeared into Alayne Stone all those years ago, she might as well have died as far as the government was concerned. Non-official cover, it was called, but Jon hadn’t been able to resist finding her, making sure she was okay. Not enough to compromise her mission, but just…just to know.

He understood how badly NOC jobs could go.

Tonight I Will Love You
(And Tomorrow You Won’t Care)


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