The Rage he had inside made him forget what Fear was, and Fear was what made people be in Control.
But Control could be learnt from Need, and need was something he had.
Need for Justice
Need for Vengeance
Need for Things To Be Right Again.

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If you hold my hand and take me where you go, 
I'll show you the sight that no one knows

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When it all comes clear,
when the wind it settles,
I’ll be here, you know.


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I am  R u i n a t i o n

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"You were meant to be my balance, Alina. You are the only person in the world who might rule with me, who might keep my power in check. "

An instrumental playlist for "Start a War" by gizkasparadise

It takes her three hundred years to love him again.

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If I could wish for anything in this world, it wouldn’t be  jewels or a coach or a palace in the lake district. I’d wish to be a true Grisha again, of  course—but short of that, I’d settle for a lock on my chamber door.

Genya Safin - The Tailor

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It hurts, but I can bear it. Because I’m a doll, and a servant. Because I’m a pretty thing and a soldier all the same

Genya Safin - The Tailor

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“Once more,” he said. “Speak my name once more.”
He was ancient, I knew that. But in this moment he was just a boy—brilliant, blessed with too much power, burdened by eternity.
His eyes fluttered shut. “Don’t let me be alone,” he  murmured. And then he was gone.

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"How’ve you been?  How’s the fancy architecture gig?"

She rolled her eyes.  ”You wouldn’t even begin to understand if I  told you.”

"Probably not," he agreed, "But I get points for asking, right?"

Myrcella - drabbleverse

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